Musk We?

Posted in DefaultTag by invitationtolove on January 27th, 2018

In this live episode, Nate and Alicia host Alon Elian, Rosa Escandon, Andrew Casertano and Jeremy Hammond! Plus: we discuss dear friends of the show Elon Musk and Neil Strauss!

“The Night”

Posted in DefaultTag by invitationtolove on October 26th, 2017

We sit down with comic Alon Elian to talk of animal husbandry, Iran, Long Island, Alicia and Nate's relationship, weddings, Instagram lurking, dirty talk, insecurity and more!

Invitation to Love Ep. 30: “A Thousand Dollars and a Scooter”

Posted in DefaultTag by invitationtolove on February 14th, 2017

Splitsider writer and charmer Phil Stamato talks social media, divorce, and functioning relationships!

Ep. 29: Invitation to Love Live! #1

Posted in DefaultTag by invitationtolove on December 8th, 2016

Our very first live show features the talents of Branson Reese, Madonna Refugia, Alon Elian, Charles Sanchez, and house band Sawyer Camden! Plus we answer your live questions and clarify that we are DEFINITELY NOT secretly brother and sister.

Ep. 28: “Woke Disney”

Posted in comedy by invitationtolove on June 5th, 2016

Alicia and Nate talk to comedian Madonna Refugia about people who try to guess ethnicities, Taye Diggs, which pornstars should be on the new Gilmore Girls, which Disney princess is the most woke, wedding etiquette, reality shows, loud sex, that Buzzfeed unfair assumptions list, and more!

Ep. 27: “Central Park 2″

Posted in DefaultTag by invitationtolove on May 5th, 2016

Alicia and Nate meet a Kimmy Schmidt-esque cross-section of Manhattan characters, including a trio of fourteen-year-old boys, an abusive can collector, and a dirty old man! Can they solve all of New York's love problems? No! These people are impossible!

Invitation to Love Episode 26: Mystical Stuff

Posted in DefaultTag by invitationtolove on April 12th, 2016

Nate records some segments while touring: Lizzy Acker on crushes! Fine art power couple Evan Hume and Malena Magnolia on the celebs their parents were into!

Episode 25: How to Have Cybersex on the Internet

Posted in DefaultTag by invitationtolove on March 20th, 2016

Nick Prueher from the Found Footage Festival talks to us about weirdos, video dating, Winnebago Man, Fuller House, romance on the road, and anecdotes relating to Steve Vai, "Weird Al" and The Simpsons. Plus: Nate and Alicia realize, to their horror, that they never broke up! And lots of gross pug noises!

Episode 24: You Can’t Use Some Old Chewed-Up Gum to Fix a Jalopy

Posted in advice, love, humor, comedy by invitationtolove on March 2nd, 2016

Writer/ performer Ryan Houlihan talks about Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne, parents' crushes, and social media etiquette. Plus: what do you do after you sleep with a friend and they start ignoring you? How do you deal with a legitimate reason for jealousy? Are advice columnists nuts?

Ep. 23: “Because There Are No Other Ducks”

Posted in DefaultTag by invitationtolove on March 2nd, 2016

Writer Katherine Duckworth talks about Californian passive-aggressiveness, her impromptu wedding, and Donald Duck. Also: is it weird for straight couples to refer to their "partners?" And what's the etiquette for dating your best friend's ex?

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